We produce Industrial Rubber Hoses for the conveyance of a wide range of fluids and materials. Our quality of service and product rivals the best in the business and our R & D capabilities provide an edge advantage in terms of speed in turnaround. Our capabilities are not confined to only catalogue items but for customized solutions as per your needs in application. To find the right hose, please consult the sections in our product catalogue or, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary support.

Due to our long experience and technical expertise we are able to respond to your inquiries, offer quotations and produce samples without delay. Additionally our advanced laboratory and test facilities enable us to inspect ,test and certify in compliance with ISO 9001 and other International quality requirements.

Sales Strategy

Our export sales approach is founded upon being a reliable, flexible and easy-to-work-with supplier for our distributors across 20 countries in 5 continents. We pay attention to being in close contact with the customers and making sure that our solutions are in line with the requirements by the end user.

We also have a clear positioning in the domestic market where we seek specialty hose opportunities and build the right sales framework to reach the end users directly. This business model will later include at-site installation and maintenance features so that purchasing managers can directly deal with the source rather than lose time and money on intermediaries.


meters + produced annually


satisfied customers across 4 continents


different product configurations for 20+ industries


Our 10.000 sqm facility in Düzce, Turkey include 7 semi-automatic mandrel built hose lines in 30.5mt (100ft) and 3 semi-automatic lines in 40mt, 1 manual line for very large bore hoses and hoses with assemblies and 1 braiding line up to 5” ID hoses.

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